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    “With the Evalyn Brush I can take a sample at home. It was easy to do and I have more privacy.”

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    The Evalyn Brush is a carefully developed product for a proper and safe home test.


It is known that persistent infection with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) may ultimately lead to cervical cancer. Testing for HPV helps to identify the women who are at risk of developing cervical cancer even before it has a chance to develop. The Evalyn Brush is a device especially designed for self  sampling. It collects cellular material form the vagina which can be tested for HPV in an accredited laboratory. Self collection for HPV testing using the Evalyn Bursh can be done at home and is quick, simple, painless and reliable. Read more »

Detailed instructions

These instructions refer to the use of the Evalyn Brush.

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  • Comfortable and easy to use sterile self-sampling device
  • Built-in features to assure correct sample taking: defined insertion length, defined sampling location, defined collection of cell-material.
  • Sampling device = sampling container = no extra handling at home.
  • The pink cap enables hygenic handling before and after use.
  • Sample can be shipped dry (no risks associate with preservative liquids at home).